In using the SpinAway product, it has shown me that I can do anything in half the time I thought it would take. Every spring we use to drain our pool and start over and

in doing so it was costly, a huge mess and very time consuming. We would have to set an entire weekend just to drain and clean the pool. Now with SpinAway, I just

walk around the pool spinning the brush 

to move all the debris and algae away 

from the sides. This cleans the side walls, our steps and help mix the chemicals in 

the pool. Now it takes us only a few hours verse 2 - 3 days cleaning the pool. 

Best secret ever!!!!



 Love my cleaner, I can clean my base boards, tub, ceiling and fans in 

no time, love it!



 I use SpinAway monthly on my jobs, I clean houses and jobsites. SpinAway alleviates  the need for ladders as well as a second person to get a job done. I use it to clean ceilings up to 16 feet tall. I was also given the initial prototypes that included

multiple sizes that can be used in short tight corners as well as in showers only needing to reach 8 feet or so. It saves my time and I always have a happy client. Everyone that watches me, a 4 ft. 11in woman, use it always asks where to find

it. It is the best cleaning tool for me.